III. Private Hire

Private Family or Friends Swim and Birthday Parties 

To check availability and/or book follow the links on our Availability and Bookings page

  • Private hire is provided on a basic of exclusive pool use
  • We welcome visitors of all cultures and abilities
  • For safety in water, a one-to-one adult/child ratio is advised for children below 1.5m height. Additional child safety can be ensured by use of flotation aids. Please contact us for advice
  • We do not allow lone swimming
  • The pool is rented on a “leave as found” basis. For parties £10 cleaning deposit is applied
  • Bookings are for time on site, so please allow for changing time within your booking time.  
  • We do not offer catering or assistance for food preparation. If you consider using our barbecue, pizza oven or fire pit please plan ahead based on your own skills. our fire wood supply could be affected by wet weather. Age of  visitors and child to adult ratio may affect your ability to use open fire on site.

Price guide

  • Use of the swimming pool is £ 45 per hour for 2-6 guests on weekdays, £55 for weekends, £60 & £70 up to 12 guests.  For larger parties (up to 20 maximum) price at application
  • We charge for all people on site except care-givers for disabled customers
  • Discount scheme operates for disabled swim and patients in need of aquatic therapy when pool is used for these purposes . It can be limited for large parties and longer hire.
  • Use of patio, including outdoor heater, gas barbecue, pizza oven, fire pit and gazebos – £10 per hour. Patio is rented from April to October. 
  • Use of Water Jet £10 per hour (currently not available)
  • Use of Sauna  £10 per hour with swimming pool. £20 per 30 minutes for Sauna use only.
  • Chairs, tables, floats and water toys are free.
  • Birthday and theme party decorations can be arranged for extra £5.
  • We can set up a treatment room with dressed massage table for £10.
  • Arrangement fee £5 applies if you wish us to book massage or beauty treatments. Fees for these services are paid directly to the provider
  • Use of hoist is free, hoist operator and/or care giver assistant can be booked at £10 per hour.
  • In water support by a trained aquatic therapy assistant is £20 per hour.
  • Available booking time could be affected by staff availability. Please advise if you need assistance at the time of booking. 

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Disability Swim Form

Note: This is not a booking form. Please go to the Availability and Bookings page to book or email us at info@parkhousespa.co.uk

Name & Phone Number
Name & Surgery Address
Date (dd/mm/yyyy) & Time (hh:mm)

Recreational Swimming Form

Note: This is not a booking form. Please go to the Availability and Bookings page to book or email us at info@parkhousespa.co.uk to book

Note: recreational swimming is allowed again from 12 April 2021

Please tick any that apply and add additional information in the further details box below
Selected Value: 0
We count everyone including non-swimmers and babies. Note the maximum number of people will be limited by restrictions while they are in place for COVID-19.
Age at date of hire
We have a selection of flotation devices but recommend you bring your own for certainty

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