IV. Aquatic Therapy

Our hydrotherapy pool combines warm water,  privacy and flexibility with dedication to recovery and wellbeing of patients who benefit from aquatic therapy and rehabilitation.


For details of GP Referral Program please click here

Initial Assessment

We offer initial 1 to 1 assessment and treatment session in water with a Chartered Aquatic Physiotherapist. Please book on our Availability and Booking page

If a separate land physiotherapy assessment or treatment is required, including massage therapy, enquiries can be sent to physio@parkhousespa.co.uk.

Follow-up Treatment

Depending on the outcome of the initial Aquatic Physiotherapy Assessment the treatment course can be continued as:

  • 1 hour or 30 minutes 1 to 1 treatment session with Chartered Aquatic Physiotherapist
  • 1 hour or 30 minutes individual aquatic therapy self-practice session with own care giver assistant or with assistance by PHS staff
  • 30 min self practice in a group
  • 30 min instructor led aquatic therapy group (arthritis, knee replacement, back pain and balance)

Self Practice

A laminated individual exercise card is provided for all self-practice sessions following an appointment with our Aquatic Physiotherapist. Patients from GP referral can start individual assisted self-practice or group therapy straight away if a standard exercise card (arthritis, knee replacement or back pain) was recommended by GP or another NHS practitioner.

30 minutes individual assisted self-practice sessions are not suitable for hoisted patients. Lone pool users are structly not allowed for individual self-practice session. Please come with a care giver. Click here to book. Maximum 3 people are allowed for 30 minute sessions. Time of this appointment is time in water, please come earlier to allow changing. Water use is exclusive, pool building is shared.

1 hour self-practice sessions for up to 6 people can be booked for weekdays and weekends.  The 1 hour is for private use of pool and building and includes changing time.  Click here to book weekdays or here for weekends.

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